Q&A with Joseph Ndo

Q: What is your ambition now you have signed for 2014?
My ambition is to help the club to be the best in Ireland and help the club compete in Europe every year.  It's going to be about how we approach the next season. It isn't about being talented. You can be as talented as you want. If the approach is not right, the results will not follow. It is all about the approach and the goal we set when the pre season starts. It all starts there. Always the goal is to achieve something that you feel is untouchable. For us, the group stage and competing is untouchable. That is what you have to work for, you have do more than you think you are capable of. If you want something you have never had, you have to be willing to do something you have never done.
Concerning my contract I want to thank some people. Dermot Kelly, Ivor Parke, Paul Hynes, Frank O'Neill and the manager Ian Baraclough. It wasn't easy because the negotiation was all about where the club will go and the next step for the club. Contract talks, people think they are about money, it is more than that. You said yourself, what can you achieve next? I think, for me, it is to help the club to be able to have a full stadium every week. We need that. We need 4,000 - 5,000 every week. We need to be in the European mood every week. If you want to achieve something in being the greatest, for me it is all part of history and we have to achieve something that is the greatest. For that it has to be new. If the players and the fans are not getting into that mood, we're not going to do it. Both parties have to play their role. The fans have to be there every week. We need fans every week. We need the full stadium every week. And players wise, we need to entertain fans. Someone who has worked all week and came here with their family on a Saturday, they have to see a good show. They have to. So I think we have to do better than what we did last year.
Q: Will you be involved in more of a coaching role? 
That is up to Ian. It is nothing to do me. He asked me to do some stuff this year and I've done it. If he needs me I will be there. 
Q: Do you enjoy that side of it?
Of course. It is another side of what I want to achieve here. To be the best you have to get the best player possible. For a player to play at his best, you have to help him to understand how good he is. 
Q: Is Europe one of your unfinished pieces business at the club?
I think that has always been our target. There is no point in winning the FAI Cup or the league and not expecting to do well in Europe. For me that is where you can really compete with the top players and I'm always had that in mind. That competition, I want to compete against the best.
Q: Why have the results in Europe not been as good as hoped? 
For me it is all comes to the way we approach Europe. It shouldn't be different between Europe and the league. We have to be in the position where we play the same in Europe, the league or even a friendly.  It is all about the approach. 
Q: Is it a mindset or psychological? 
I cannot say it is psychological because as a player you always want to do well and improve yourself. As a player, how can improve yourself? That is the problem. You have to look at yourself in the mirror and say what can I do better? I already won everything here in the domestic league. The only thing missing is to get to the group stage and compete in the group stage. As a player that is the only thing in my mind and to do that you have to play well in the league. 
Q: After five years of your career at Sligo, this is a huge part of your career. 
It's a huge part of my career. I couldn't imagine that. In my life I love God so much that I never question his decision. When he made me decide to come to Sligo, I didn't question it. It was a little bit weird for me. But I prayed before that decision and it came down to you have to sign. I didn't know why but now I understand why. 
Q: Was it a tough decision to come?
I was looking for something else when the chance of Sligo came up. I was in a position in my career where I wanted something else. I wanted to play football like I always dreamed I can play. I knew it was going to be difficult in this country but in my mind I knew it's only about belief. If you believe in something you can achieve it. You have to work harder and you know how hard you're going to work to achieve that. When Sligo came, to be fair I used to play against Sligo, but I never paid attention to any of their players because I was doing my business. This is one side of me that when I play against someone, I don't really pay attention. Because I was looking for something else I started to watch Sligo play and I saw one guy who amazed me. It was Richie Ryan. I told myself that if I play with this guy in the midfield, I'm going to really enjoy myself. That’s why they call it football. He is a great player. 
Q: You told me when you retire you will become a singer. How is it coming along?
This is why I don't like to do interviews. I have to protect my voice. Now it's going to be difficult for me because I've spent time with you talking about things I shouldn't! Now I'm going to go back home and try to do some vocals exercises!
Joseph Ndo was speaking to Darragh Cox on Ocean FM on The Final Whistle on Friday 22 Novemeber at 6pm 

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