50KM Challenge growing fast

Sligo Rovers 50KM Challenge has been growing this week since its launch on Wednesday.

There are now around 130 people signed up to participate in the Challenge, which starts official from April 1st with people hoping to reach their target of 50KM by walking, running, cycling or however they wish to make their target.

In just four days, a total of almost €10,000 has been raised, a magnificent return in just a few days.

Supporters who register can receive a FREE beanie hat to wear throughout the challenge, the first 100 people should receive theirs this week.

To sign up, you can visit www.50kmchallenge.ie and follow the simple steps.

This is an important fundraiser for the club and it also helps supporters get out and about and keep active which will help with both their physical and mental health.

We can’t wait to see you all on your Challenge this April.