AGM set to be held in early February

The 2022 Sligo Rovers Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday 8 February.

In planning for the event, the club was gearing for a virtual event via Zoom like in the 2021 season.

While circumstance have changed in the last number of days, we will continue with the initial plan and hold the event online.

The club also noted the format of last year’s online event saw increased attendance from members and participation.

The AGM will see the election of the 2022 management committee, a presentation of 12 months of club finances and the chairman and secretary’s report.

Notices are being posted to members, including nomination forms to join the committee, and details of how to attend the online meeting.

The meeting and nominations for the committee are only open to members.

The Annual Voluntary Member Contribution will be deferred this season as part of fundraising for a new project. We ask members to delay this contribution as a result. Details on this will be provided at a later date.

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