Lotto – Joanne Lands Big Rovers Jackpot

Joanne Kelly from Kingswood Cross, Dublin was the lucky winner recently in Rovers weekly lotto draw, winning the jackpot of €8,800. Though Joanne is a Dubliner, her family have strong Rovers connections. Her Dad Hugo is a loyal supporter, for many years he travelled to Sligo for games with his great friend Jack Carney. Joanne is one of an increasing number of people who enter the Rovers lotto on-line. ‘It’s a quick and easy way of supporting the club, and every draw gives you a chance of winning a jackpot or a Match 3 Voucher.’

Rovers on-line lottery has become very popular in recent years. Particularly during Covid, when lotto agents were restricted, the online lottery became an attractive alternative. It has developed to an extent that in the region of 30% of tickets in each draw are purchased online. This is reflected in the geographical spread of subscribers, with people participating from countries such as Australia, America, and England. The St Patrick’s Day draw earned a €200 voucher from a Canadian punter.

Doing the lottery online could not be easier. There is the option of subscribing to an individual draw, or for convenience people can enter their chosen numbers for a full year to ensure they never miss a draw, simply log on to the link on Rovers’ website and chose from a number of options.

The Sligo Rovers lottery is acknowledged to be one the most generous of the lotteries in terms of payouts. Since January 2023, it has paid out over €42,000 in jackpots and Match 3 Vouchers, prize money unrivalled by any other similar lottery. The largest jackpot in recent times was €18,800 won by the Kennoy family in August 2023.

Rovers Chairman Tommy Higgins congratulated Joanne on Kelly on her recent success. ‘This latest jackpot win shows that our lottery is the most enduring and successful of the local lotteries. We have people playing every week from across the world, they find it a great way to support their home club. With the ongoing support of our regular punters, it can continue to be a hugely valuable fundraiser for Sligo Rovers.

3rd May 2024