Biggest Ever Rovers Lotto Jackpot €18,800 Won

Monday March 20th 2023 will be remembered at 62 St. Edwards Terrace Sligo for a long time. It’s the day club volunteer, Pat Wallace, rang Martin Kennoy to say his grandnephew, Adams numbers had come up in the Sligo Rovers Lotto.

Martin picks birthdays and other significant dates for his lotto selected numbers each week.

In fact, he made a mistake and put 5,11,20,22 on his ticket. When it should have been 6,11,20,22. Martin decided not to correct the mistake, and what a decision that proved to be.

Lottery Administrator, Frank Beirne says this is the biggest jackpot since the club introduced the lottery back in 1993. Frank feels the enduring success of the club lotto is due to a number of factors. Frank stated that “people appreciate that we pay out decent prizemoney and a large proportion of our tickets are from regular players. When people but a €2 ticket, they know they have a reasonable chance of winning a prize”.

People have a range of options from the standard €2 ticket the €100 annual lotto card, both manual and online. The normal online lotto and the latest option of 3 for €5. All of these options can be availed of on

Tommy Higgins, Chairman of Sligo Rovers says the online option has great potential. He believes the club can make great strides in developing the online dimension of the clubs lotto. He said;

“First and foremost there is a great sense of goodwill towards the club in the wider community. People looking for a simple and easy way to make their contribution to their local club can subscribe to the weekly draw”.

Tommy also stated that he believes the online dimension to the club lotto can prove very popular, with Sligo people living abroad. There is a wide cross section of support for Sligo Rovers in every corner of the world. The online lotto allows these people to maintain their link to home.

The lotto has been a great resource for the club and he believes with a little help, the club can expand the lotto even more, to insure it will retain its status as the best and most popular of local lotteries, while gathering income to allow us continue to progress our great club.

Everyone at Sligo Rovers would like to congratulate the Kennoy family on their jackpot win and we also would like to thank everyone who continues to support the Sligo Rovers weekly lotto draw.