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Last Man Standing Week 7 Selections

Entries for week 7 of Last man standing have closed. Week 6 seen no players eliminated with 14 still in contention for the €1000 prise.

Relegation battlers Watford are the most picked team this week with half of the remaining players beliving they will beat bottom of the table Norwich. Neither team have won a game since the restart.

Tottenham is the second favourite team this week with 4 players picking them. They travel to 2nd from bottom Afc Bournemouth.

Chelsea, Manchester United and Liverpool make up the remaining selections.

Name Week 7 selection
Evan DolanWatford
Mark FeeneyTottenham
Therese FoleyWatford
Sean MurphyChelsea
Frank McGeeTottenham
Sean HuntTottenham
Eoin McHughTottenham
Gerry HigginsWatford
Lewis BanksWatford
Des KavanaghWatford
Patricia CryanManchester United
Noel FarryWatford
Martin BrackenWatford
John LunnyLiverpool

Callan-McFadden speaks of positive mood as restart approaches

Sligo Rovers defender Kyle Callan-McFadden says there is a feeling of relief and anticipation after the Bit O’ Red returned to training last week and now begin preparations for a restart on 31 July.

Rovers have been training for 10 days and now work in two groups of Irish based players and the five that return from outside of the country in the past week.

They will gather as one group from the middle of the week beginning 13 July.

Danny Kane, Johnny Dunleavy and John Mahon are currently not training due to injury, while Ronan Murray also suffered a muscle strain last week and will receive treatment over the next fortnight.

Regan Donelon is fit again after being injured at the start of the season in a boost.

Lewis Banks is back in light training also, a further assessment will come when his quarantine period ends.  

Kyle Callan-McFadden in training on Saturday

The squad will play some closed doors friendly matches in the next three weeks and league fixtures should be announced this week.

The Rovers captain said just being back on the pitch meant a lot of all of the squad: “It was great to be back in and see all the lads.

“It was a long few months for everyone. To be back with the boys and training brings a bit of normality and it is something we all couldn’t wait for.

“We were all buzzing to be back in and get started. The rust wasn’t long being shaken off, the lads have come back in good condition and we’ve been able to hit the ground running in the last week or so.

“We’d all been working on a fitness programme since the league shutdown so it isn’t like a normal pre-season where you have to work a lot on fitness at the start.

“The gaffer and John Russell will probably monitor it and judge what we need over the next few weeks.

“Obviously we’re not all together yet but when we get that we’ll be in good shape. I think we can be ready to start well 31 July.”

Rovers restart the season with no points and just 14 matches remaining in the season.

It means the Bit O’ Red must turn their early form on its head over the coming months.

The defender does not believe the additional pressure will affect the group.

“The mood is good; like I said we were just happy to be back in and we’ve been in a lot since. We know there are only 14 league games, the format has obviously been spoken about a lot.

“From our point of view, we didn’t have the start to the season that we wanted, we had a lot of players out injured. We’ve got a couple of them back and hopefully more to come.

“We have this short season, where we have to win matches sooner rather than later. I don’t think that is a massive pressure weighing down on us. There isn’t much room for error but it’s time to show what we’re about I think and it was time regardless of what the format was because we were all disappointed that we didn’t start the year well.

“We have enough about us to get up the table and start off quickly and it is in our hands. One or two wins could give a very different look on things. The sooner we get them the better of course. We’ve got to be positive from the start.”

Callan-McFadden up against Ben Edah of the Under-19’s in a training game

Last week the Bit O’ Red Supporters Trust GoFundMe was started and has raised €67,000 so far. The remarkable response has drawn widespread praise and raised spirits around the club.

The Rovers players have also played their part, reaching an agreement with the club that helped make it financially feasible to return.

Callan-McFadden added: “Yes we did that. We’re not going to shout it from the rooftops or whatever, we all had to do something to help the club. Everyone understands that, maybe it is something people should know, I’ve lived in Sligo for a few years but even the new lads know what the club is about here.

“We were all willing to do our bit to get back playing.

 “The money that was brought in these last few days speaks for itself. What can you say? It’s unbelievable, only Sligo Rovers could do it really I think.

“The fans here are different class and I know they’ll be behind us for the rest of the year whether that is in the stadium, around the town or through the fundraising.

“There’ll be lots of ups and downs in the next few months I imagine so we have to stay in this together.”

Last Man Standing week 6 Selections

Manchester United are the most popular team selection this week with 9 of the remaining 14 players selecting them. They play Afc Bournemouth at home today at 3 pm

3 players have selected Chelsea to beat Watford. The remaining two teams have selected Leicester who are at home to Crystal Palace.

Name Week 6 selection
Evan DolanManchester United
Mark FeeneyManchester United
Therese FoleyManchester United
Sean MurphyManchester United
Frank McGeeChelsea
Sean Huntleicester
Eoin McHughManchester United
Gerry HigginsManchester United
Lewis BanksManchester United
Des KavanaghManchester United
Patricia Cryanleicester
Noel FarryChelsea
Martin BrackenManchester United
John LunnyChelsea

Chairman responds to B’ORST fund

Sligo Rovers chairmen Tommy Higgins believes the entire football club has been lifted by the response of the Bit O’ Red Supporters Trust GoFundMe.

Over €50,000 has been donated to the Trust in a two-day period.

It began in the immediate aftermath of the Rovers management committee’s decision to return to play.

The chairman said: “We have been watching it in amazement because it is extraordinary.

“I have to say it has lifted us all. When we made the decision to return this season, it was taking a step into the unknown, with the only thing certain that we were beginning a huge challenge to us all. 

“This is the start we needed in terms of funding but it also means a lot in terms of what it says. 

“We will not lay down, the supporters are with us every step of the way and it shows the connection that is there with the public and alumni of the club.

“I have to congratulate and thank the Supporters Trust and in particular Gerard O’Connor who has driven it tirelessly in 48 hours. To know we have such dedicated supporters working behind us means the world to us all.”

Addressing the next four months, he added: “As we said in our statement, there is a significant gap in funding in what we need and what came out of the summits with the FAI and other clubs.

“We will need our Annual Draw to get some traction and the Bit O’ Red Wall later in the year. But I also hope that we can generate more revenue in other areas. 

“We are hopeful we can have some supporters at our matches and as the season goes on, we’d like to have even more if possible. We are going to look at all of that at our next committee meeting. The logistics are obviously very important and the initial guideline of crowds of 500 includes all the players, teams and officials so that all must come into equation. If it isn’t safe or feasible to have supporters in the ground, then we will take that decision. Finance won’t come into the equation.

“The streaming service will be very good from what I’m told and it will mean every match can be streamed live for supporters who can’t attend. The FAI are working on that so we wait for that announcement.

“It remains an evolving situation and it will continue to be based around the national approach to Covid-19. We are at the heart of the community and we will not do anything that could endanger it.”

The chairman also confirmed that all of our foreign based players are now back in the country.

Under guidelines they will train in isolation.

“Liam has been liasing with the FAI medical team on the situation and the management team are putting in more sessions to accommodate the five players that arrived this week.

“They will be a complete group in two weeks’ time. We are fully behind our management staff and players. They have all played their part in getting The Showgrounds back open.

“They will prepare for the next four weeks and we’re going to be with them throughout, doing all we can.”

The Bit O’ Red Supporters Trust link is here

€50,000 in sight for GoFundMe

Sligo Rovers manager Liam Buckley says the next 30 days will be about gearing the club up for a challenge that must be overcome as €30,000 was fundraised by supporters in a day.

The Bit O’ Red Supporters Trust started a GoFundMe to help the club for the rest of the season at 6pm yesterday, and the response has been incredible.The initial target was cleared in 23 hours, including €2,500 from Mark Feehily of Westlife

Liam Buckley said: “A week ago the club made the decision to return to play. It wasn’t an easy one I know. Everyone has rowed in together to get there.

“The players are delighted to be coming back, the management team are delighted, the club are delighted that we can all look forward to games. That is the big positive that we will be back playing games.”

Buckley said of €30,000 being fundraised in 24 hours.

“It sends a message, it tells you what the club means here and the feeling on the ground here. We’re all in this together. It is just incredible what people do here for this club. 

“This has been a very difficult period for everyone. We’ve got a job to do and we’re going to give it absolutely everything.”

The total is now €42,000 on Friday morning with the next target of €50,000 in sight.

The donation link is here 

Club statement: Return to football

Sligo Rovers can confirm that the club will return to play following extensive meetings with the Football Association of Ireland and our fellow League of Ireland clubs.

The decision has been reached following lengthy discussions within the management committee and taken in the belief of what is best for the future of the football club.

The Bit O’ Red wishes to state that from the outset of this crisis that it has been our target to return to playing this season.

It also became clear that Sligo Rovers would be the club hit hardest by the Covid-19 crisis as our fundraising (€500,000 in 2019) and gate receipts (at highest level in seven years last year) have been decimated. This forms 70% of our annual budget.

We have accepted a financial package, which, in truth, will still leave a massive strain on the football club and also required a compromise from all parties involved.  

We want to acknowledge that our management team, our players, administration staff and the wider Sligo Rovers community have all played their part in encouraging the decision to return.

Not returning to this season would leave us in a position that we may not have been able to recover from. It would leave the club with debts that could not be overcome.

That was the defining factor in reaching this decision.

We have consulted with some supporter groups, including the Bit O ‘Red Supporters Trust, who will help facilitate a GoFundMe page to help with costs.

Click here for that.

We will also launch our Annual Draw, with a change in ticket sale policy to be compliant with Covid-19. The Bit O’ Red Wall Stage 2 will also commence.

The financial challenge is significant and requires a high level of support but the alternative is much worse. 

Our first-team players returned to training and employment this week.

Our underage players will soon follow. In the last number of years the people of Sligo have built a football club that completely defied the environment imposed on us by the former regime in the FAI.

We have a home that is a hub in our community, we have one of the outstanding football facilities in the league, and a shared bond and love of our club and the game.

The next few months will be about ensuring we hold on to all those things.

An update on attending matches and streaming will follow next month.

Our club’s history is filled with a steely determination to survive all the challenges thrown our way. We have never given up in over 90 years, we have defied logic and our best days have come from it.

On the pitch, we face a massive challenge in 14 matches left to play in the season.  But it was the only scenario in which we could return.

This format proposed today was of particular disappointment to the club and is something we sternly object to. We believe it is grossly unfair, unjust and do not see the matter as concluded.

We will be having further discussions on this issue with relevant parties.

From today we will regroup, we will rally together and take on the next 16 weeks with the resilience that has got us this far as a football club.

We thank everyone for their support in recent months and look forward to returning to the pitch on 31 July.

Sligo Rovers Management Committee

Last Man Standing Week 5 Selections

Arsenal makes up the majority of this weeks picks with 13 of the remaining 17 players believing that they will beat Norwich at The Emirates. Two players selected Chelsea, who are away to West Ham United. The remaining two players chose Manchester United and Tottenham.

Good luck to all entrants

Name Week 5 Selection
Evan DolanArsenal
Wesley FeeneyTottenham
Mark FeeneyArsenal
Therese FoleyArsenal
Sean MurphyArsenal
Frank McGeeArsenal
Donald KellyChelsea
Sean HuntArsenal
Eoin McHughArsenal
Gerry HigginsArsenal
Lewis BanksArsenal
Des KavanaghArsenal
Patricia CryanArsenal
Kathya RouseChelsea
Noel FarryArsenal
Martin BrackenArsenal
John LunnyManchester United

Summer Camps 2020

We are delighted to announce that our popular summer camps are due to commence on the 20th of July 2020.

Camps will run from 10.30am-3pm Monday to Friday, for a period of five weeks, at The Sean Fallon Centre in The Showgrounds. Unfortunately, our breakfast club cannot take place at this time.

The club looks forward to welcoming all our summer camp attendees over the coming weeks, after what has been a difficult and challenging period for both our younger supporters and their families.

The cost of this years’ summer camp is €70 per child, €120 for two children from the one family and €170 for three children from the one family.

Each child that participates will receive an official club training top.

Please note the booking process for our 2020 summer camps is online only. The capacity each week for the camp is 60 children. We are aware that generally, our camps attract much more than 60 participants, however, we are also aware of our responsibilities as a club in making our environment as safe as possible for children, coaches and their families.

Priority will be given to our 2020 Super Red members, who are able to book their chosen week from today. Please note, all bookings until 9am Monday are strictly 2020 Super Red’s only. We know our Super Reds have missed out so far in 2020 with only two home games to date. Non super reds will be able to book the summer camp from Monday morning at 9am on a first come first served basis.

Please note parents will be asked to confirm their children are super reds before completing the booking process. Anyone that books between now and Monday morning at 9am will be refunded if they are not a Super Red.

Parents who book the summer camp will be sent an information pack regarding health and safety protocols in advance of their chosen week, while parents will also be required to complete a health and well-being questionnaire on the first day of the camp each week.

To book your place, visit

For more information on the 2020 summer camps, please contact

Summer Camp Dates:

July 20th – 24th

July 27th – 31st

August 3rd – 7th

August 10th – 14th

August 17th – 21st