Community Visit – Cranmore

We recently paid a visit to The Cranmore Soccer Camp at Sean Fallon Park in Cranmore, which is ran by the Cranmore Co-operative society supported by Sligo Sport and Recreation Partnership (SSRP).

SSRP develop sport and recreational opportunities as part of the Cranmore Regeneration Project’s East City Cranmore and environs plan. This has been in place since 2015 and attracts up to 70 children each year.

Based on the popularity of soccer in the community, the Cranmore co-operative society has piloted their first local soccer camp for 30 young people from the area delivered by SSRP community coaches.

We sent Darragh Healy and Scott Lynch to visit the camp recently to put on a coaching session for the kids.

It’s important for us to help out in our local community and we were delighted to be part of this initiative. Thanks to the SSRP coaches and to all the children who participated.