Connolly pens Rovers deal

Sligo town native Yasmin Connolly has signed for the Bit O’Red for our first season in the Women’s National League.

The 21-year-old, who plays as a striker/forward, has previously played for Strabane side Sion Swifts.

Connolly played for Yeats United from the age of nine, up until she was 17 years of age.

She was part of the Yeats side that enjoyed great success in the league, winning several league titles.

Connolly also travelled to Italy twice with Yeats United for the San Marino tournament.

She also played for Sligo/Leitrim for a number of years.

Once she turned 18, she opted to go to Sion Swifts as there was nowhere in Sligo for her to play football.

“Once I turned 18 there were no more clubs in Sligo, I got a trial with Sion Swifts and started playing with them in 2018 for two seasons, alongside Amy Hyndman.

“I really enjoyed it there, after the two seasons I was I was starting college in DCU, where I continued to play with the DCU team for the last two years.”

Connolly is currently studying arts, Irish and Geography in DCU.

Alongside Ruth Monaghan, Connolly won a Connacht final with her school, the Ursuline, in 2017, when they reached the All Ireland semi-final.

“I’ve always loved playing football, it was a big passion of mine as a child, I’m delighted to be able to play with a national league team,” Connolly said.

Connolly has also taken up coaching in recent years. Having coached the Yeats underage teams, she then began coaching the Sligo Leitrim under 12 side in 2017, and from then coached the Sligo Leitrim under 13 and under 15 teams.

With the season getting underway in days, Connolly can’t wait to get going.

“I am delighted to be signing for Sligo Rovers, it’s very good to have a national league team starting up in Sligo, the training is of a great standard and the management are brilliant, and all the players get on so well together, I can’t wait for the season to start.

“I am really looking forward to the season starting, the team has been working so hard together, and everyone is so excited to get going.”

Connolly is relishing the opportunity at hand. Already familiar with a lot of her team-mates having played with and against them, she is enjoying working under the management team.

“The management have been brilliant, Steve and the coaches  have been very good, all the players and coaches get on very well together.”

Connolly is the eldest of six children, and her siblings are big Rovers fans.

“My family are very proud, I’m the eldest of six children, they are all very supportive and are always encouraging and pushing me on, my younger siblings often go to the Sligo Rovers games.”