Get on Board for David & Goliath

By Conall Collier:

For the purpose of this discussion, you have to adapt the phrase “David and Goliath” into a more modern setting. It’s the underdog in a contest against a much bigger, a much stronger adversary. And there is nothing mythical about this little story, but there are no billionaires to be found here.

You probably get the drift of where this is going?  It’s the good ship Sligo Rovers boldly tackling the bigger guns of the League of Ireland and Europe and striving for success.

A community-backed club. Sounds good. A community club with its unique ethos.

BUT Isn’t there always one or two or three? The average age of members / shareholders is now over 60. New members /shareholders are urgently required to keep the club vibrant.

FIRST STEP Sign up and join the 500 club, it’s €20 per month and shareholder status is achieved after 3 years. The immediate target is 100 new members. Complete the form in this programme and start to make a difference. Current members/shareholders are also endeavouring to recruit new members. It’s not a closed shop and the target is always to grow the numbers.

THE GOAL The teams (on the pitch) have to get the best of support from the team off the pitch. Generating finance is crucial to support the under-age boys and girls through the academy.

The conveyor belt is producing talent for the MEN’S AND WOMEN’S senior teams. Now would be a great time to GET ON BOARD.

THE COMMITTEE  It might seem totally uncool (if that’s even a word) to mention THE COMMITTEE. The current crew are listed inside the front page of this evening’s match programme. There are many other men and women who are not officially elected at the club’s annual general meeting, but make valuable contributions. As roles continue to evolve, more bodies are always required to help boost the prospects of those teams on the pitch.

THE REWARD Our community club with its unique ethos stays competitive, stays in community ownership and proves that this heathy model can compete and outgun the clubs with access to deeper pockets.


Existing and New Members of the 500 Club are eligible for the Monthly Cash Draw and after 3 years membership have the option of becoming a member of Sligo Rovers FC.

Friends of Sligo Rovers 500 Club Committee Members:

Vincent Nally, Tony Quinn, Michael Clancy, Sean Crossan, Michael Drury, Robert Fitzpatrick, Peter Henry