Halloween Camps – Register now

It’s hard to believe we are almost at the end of term one in the new school year already. With that, we are launching our ever popular camps this Halloween, beginning on Monday, October 28th.

Prices are unchanged from the summer, with 1 child costing €60 or two children from the one family costing just €100. Three kids in the one family costs €135 for the five day camp.

As ever, we are holding a breakfast club on site. This is proving to be a popular option for parents who want to send their children to the camp, but who start work before the usual 10.30am drop off.

We open from 8.30am every morning so you can pre-book your children on our breakfast club, where you can drop them off on your way to work.

You can even get an extra few minutes in bed in the morning as we will feed them for you, and clean up the rice krispies from the floor. (other brands are available).

The breakfast club costs just €5 per day.

To sign up online, click https://srfcdirect.com/kids-camps/