Headrite Sports partner with Sligo Rovers

Sligo Rovers are delighted to partner with Headrite Sports, a company focused on player welfare and improving heading techniques.

Children in primary school have recently been banned from heading footballs in training in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The new guidelines mean that children will no longer be taught to head footballs in training sessions, but will be in matches.

The English FA say that the infrequency of headers in these games means that they are unlikely to cause lasting damage.

Sligo Rovers want to educate and influence our players from Under-13 to senior level.

Headrite Sports is a new sports company focused on player welfare and skill improvement when heading footballs.

Coming into the market as the sole provider of safer heading practice, they also aim to bring the fun back to the under fire skill of heading the ball.

The design has evolved to ensure that it is structurally safe to use. The Headrite frame stands safely independent.

The training aid is mobile, allowing it to be used on a variety of training surfaces such as grass and astro.

The Headrite Frame can easily be erected in one minute without the need for tools.

The club are conscious of the possible long-term effects heading a football can have on our players, and those in the community.

We will be using the frame for training with our academy teams and on our summer camps and birthday parties, introducing safe heading to all involved.

The frame has kindly been sponsored by Smile Dental Clinic in Sligo, and will be displayed before the game on Saturday night against Shamrock Rovers.