Healthy Football League starts today

The League of Ireland’s Healthy Football League has been launched today with a chance of winning a total of €11,000 for the Club.

Participants simply download the Healthy Football League App (free of charge) and can then score points for the club by walking, running, or cycling. The app offers them the opportunity to record your running and cycling sessions by using the start-stop function.

Points are calculated based on the users’ BMI, the number of steps they have taken, the number of calories they have burned, and the distance that they have covered.

The Healthy Football League of Ireland app users will be rewarded with a variety of badges for certain performances related to steps that were walked, calories that were burned, or challenges that were created by their club.

Additionally, fans can see an overview of their daily and weekly progress, which will make it easier for them to improve on their current rates of physical activity. The points that were earned every day can also be checked on a daily and weekly basis.

We’ll keep supporters updated throughout the League and see how far up the table the Bit O’ Red can finish.