Home and away jerseys staying for 2022

Sligo Rovers can confirm the club will use our current JOMA Sport home and away jerseys for the 2022 season as part of our commitment to make football affordable for all and sustainability in our community.

JOMA Sport partnered with Sligo Rovers in 2016 and have been a superb fit for the Bit O’ Red.

The Bit O’ Red’s financial model is based on fundraising and support of our loyal supporters, sponsors and the public.

In difficult times, particularly during the pandemic, the support of the stakeholders in Sligo Rovers drives us forward.

This season the club gifted parents a jersey for every new born baby in Sligo University Hospital.

To date, 1,200 free jerseys have been distributed free of charge through the venture in association with the Bit O’ Red Supporters Trust.

The club has taken the decision to keep both home and away shirts for the new season as a further show of gratitude to our thousands of benefactors.

Sligo Rovers chief executive Colin Feehily said: “As we build for the new season, we are delighted to see our Annual Draw total continue to grow with just over a week to go. The fundraiser is our principle event in the year so every ticket sold is a huge help to the club.

“Our season tickets and JOMA Sport merchandise range are proving very popular and particularly in the new INTERSPORT Elverys store in Sligo. We believe the 2022 season will be a very exciting one again and our hope is The Showgrounds will be packed to capacity on the opening night of the year.

“We’re also aware of the financial hardship of the Christmas period and the additional expense on our supporters as they get behind us.

“With that in mind, in 2022 we will maintain not just our home jersey but our away kit as well with a view to easing the pressures that Christmas can bring.

“The 2021 away jersey proved the most popular we’ve ever had thanks to the superb design and quality of the JOMA Sports production.

“We’d like to reassure families in particular that this jersey will be used again next season, as well as our home kit.

“Through the free jersey venture, the red pin stripe shirt will strike a chord for many different generations of supporters. For some it was their first kit, for others it brought the best results following the Bit O’Red, and we want to create even more memories wearing it.

“Both jerseys will be maintained and stay on sale in our club store and on SRFCDirect.com.”

Speaking about the Annual Draw, he added: “We’ve been restricted on selling tickets going door to door due to the Covid-19 situation. As a result, it has impacted on sales.

“The total is €18,000 this morning and we’re hopeful it will rise significantly in the next eight days. Online has proven a good alternative for fans to buy so if you can support, please do so.”

A third choice jersey will also be developed as per previous seasons.

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