Last Man Standing – Week 2 Results

It was business as usual for most of your selections this week, only 13 players bit the dust this week with Manchester United inflicting the heaviest damage. You can make your selection for Week 2 now at the Last Man Standing page.

Once again our unchosen few, over 110 people, who haven’t picked a team in this competition, are still alive with Bournemouth’s late penalty strike easing them into the winner’s circle.

NameWeek 1Week 2
Adam WixtedMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Adrian CunninghamArsenalBournemouth
Adrian CunninghamArsenalBournemouth
Adrian CunninghamArsenalBournemouth
Adrian CunninghamArsenalBournemouth
Adrian CunninghamArsenalBournemouth
Adrian EamesLeicester CityArsenal
Adrian McPaddenArsenalBournemouth
Aidan KennyLeicester CityWolves
Aine CryanLeicester CityMan City
Aine KilcullenArsenalBournemouth
Alan CunninghamArsenalBournemouth
Alan FinnLeicester CityMan City
Alan FoxLeicester CityMan City
Alan KeaneLeicester CityMan City
Alan LyonsLeicester CityMan City
Alan McLoughlinLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Alan MurphyLiverpoolWolves
Alan TiernanLiverpoolWolves
Alan WallaceMan CityWolves
Alastair PriceLiverpoolMan City
Albert HigginsArsenalBournemouth
Allan ChapmanLiverpoolBurnley
Andrew DoddLiverpoolBurnley
Andrew DoddTottenham HotspurLeicester City
Andrew DoddTottenham HotspurMan City
Andrew DoddMan CityWest Ham
Andrew DoddMan CityWolves
Andrew HigginsLeicester CityMan City
Andrew McNasserArsenalBournemouth
Andrew RoweLiverpoolMan City
Andrew ThorneMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Andy BarryArsenalBournemouth
Andy DoddMan CityBurnley
Andy DoddLiverpool
Tottenham Hotspur
Andy DoddLeicester CityWolves
Andy LeggettLiverpoolMan City
Ann ClintonArsenalBournemouth
Ann MullenLiverpoolMan City
Annette KilcullenArsenalBournemouth
Anthony QuinnMan CityArsenal
Anthony QuinnMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Austin CawleyLiverpool
Tottenham Hotspur
B.C. BroganArsenalMan City
Barry ChapmanArsenalMan City
Barry CreedArsenalBournemouth
Barry CreedArsenalBournemouth
Barry MulliganLiverpoolArsenal
Basil LoweArsenalBournemouth
Ben ColreavyArsenalBournemouth
Billy HoranLiverpoolMan City
Bobby KearinsMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Bones BrownLiverpoolMan City
Breanainn O’NeillLeicester CityMan City
Breege ToherMan CityArsenal
Brendan ForkanLeicester CityMan City
Brendan ForkanLeicester CityMan City
Brendan McIntyreTottenham HotspurMan City
Brendan McIntyreLiverpool
Tottenham Hotspur
Brendan SharkeyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Brian BourkeLiverpoolMan City
Brian CreedArsenalBournemouth
Brian FoxArsenalEverton
Brian O’BrienArsenalBournemouth
Brian O’BrienArsenalBournemouth
Brian O’BrienArsenalBournemouth
Camillus ConboyArsenalBournemouth
Carmel QuinnLiverpoolMan City
Cathal BurnsLiverpoolArsenal
Cathal WalshArsenalBournemouth
Charlie JonesLiverpoolMan City
Chris FolliardLiverpoolWolves
Cian ClancyLeicester CityWolves
Ciara LoughlinMan CityEverton
Ciarán ColemanLiverpoolWolves
Ciaran CreeganLeicester CityMan City
Ciaran HoustonMan CityWolves
Ciaran RyanArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Cillian CorkeryLiverpool
Tottenham Hotspur
Clodagh QuinnLiverpoolMan City
Colin BrackenBurnleyArsenal
Colin FeehilyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Colin LittleLiverpoolWolves
Conor MurphyLiverpoolArsenal
Conor MurrayArsenalBournemouth
Conor O’GradyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
D WalshArsenalBournemouth
Daire KearnsLeicester CityMan City
Daire SheehanArsenalWest Ham
Damian GrimesArsenalBournemouth
Damien CourtneyArsenalEverton
Damien MartynArsenalMan City
Damien MartynArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Daniel KellyLeicester CityWolves
Danny O’LearyLiverpoolMan City
Darren DunbarArsenalEverton
Darren JonesLiverpoolMan City
David CawleyLeicester CityArsenal
David ChattertonLeicester CityEverton
David HeraghtyArsenalBournemouth
David KearinsLiverpoolWolves
David KieltyMan CityArsenal
David MarshallLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
David McTernanArsenalBournemouth
David MulliganLeicester CityEverton
David RobinsonLiverpoolMan City
David RonayneLeicester CityMan City
David RouseArsenalEverton
David RouseMan CityWolves
David RoweArsenalMan City
David ScanlonArsenalBournemouth
David SheppardLiverpoolArsenal
Declan BasquilleLiverpoolMan City
Declan HealyArsenalBournemouth
Declan McGuinnMan CityEverton
Declan McMorrowArsenalBournemouth
Denis ColemanArsenalBournemouth
Derek PlumbArsenalBournemouth
Dermot FeeneyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Dermot GilmartinLiverpoolArsenal
Dermot HoranMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Dermot O’HaraArsenalMan City
Des KavanaghMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Dessie McPartlandMan CityArsenal
Dessie O’ConnorMan CityWolves
Dessie TomMan CityEverton
Diarmuid FeeneyLeicester CityWolves
Domhnall McLoughlinLiverpoolMan City
Donal MaherArsenalMan City
Donal MaherMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Donal McDwyerArsenalMan City
Donald Mc DonaghLeicester CityWolves
Donall JohnstonLiverpoolArsenal
Donie KerinsArsenalMan City
Donie KerinsArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Dylan LackenLeicester CityEverton
Dylan MonaghanLiverpool
Tottenham Hotspur
Eamon CunninghamArsenalBournemouth
Eamon HargadonMan CityWolves
Eamon NortonArsenalBournemouth
Eamonn FinnArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Eamonn JohnstonLiverpoolMan City
Eamonn JohnstonMan CityWolves
Ed BrowneArsenalBournemouth
Eddie FitzpatrickArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Eddie KillianLiverpoolMan City
Eddie WatersLiverpoolMan City
Edel ToherLiverpoolMan City
Edmund LynchLiverpoolArsenal
Edward McGintyArsenalWolves
Ella RoweTottenham HotspurEverton
Enda HoranLiverpoolWolves
Eugene BradyArsenalBournemouth
Felix McHughArsenalBournemouth
Felix McHughArsenalBournemouth
Fergal GillespieArsenalMan City
Ferghal WrayMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Fergus LeggettLiverpoolMan City
Fintan McGourtyLeicester CityMan City
Flor O’DonoghueArsenalBournemouth
Francis DowdArsenalMan City
Francis MahonMan CityArsenal
G. HarteArsenalBournemouth
Gary KilcullenLiverpoolMan City
Gary KilfeatherArsenalEverton
Gary LoughlinLiverpoolMan City
Gary McLeanLeicester CityMan City
Gavin BradyArsenalBournemouth
Gavin DykesLeicester CityArsenal
Gearóid BradyMan CityWolves
George & RyanMan CityArsenal
Gerard FoleyLiverpoolMan City
Gerard FordeLiverpoolMan City
Gerard HeraghtyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Gerard LyttleMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Gerard O’ConnorLeicester CityMan City
Gerry DunneArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Gerry DunneArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Gerry HigginsArsenalBournemouth
Gerry KilbrideArsenalBournemouth
Gerry O’ReillyLeicester CityMan City
Gerry RyanTottenham HotspurMan City
Giovanni MoriniMan CityArsenal
Glen HewittLeicester CityMan City
Glen McHughArsenalBournemouth
Godfrey HannonLeicester CityArsenal
Greg McCullaghMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Hugo McDonaldArsenalWolves
Ian GallagherArsenalBournemouth
Ian RooneyLeicester CityEverton
J FoleyArsenalBournemouth
Jack HigginsArsenalBournemouth
Jack KeaneyLiverpoolMan City
Jack SelbyBurnleyMan City
James GiblinArsenalBournemouth
James HampsonTottenham HotspurArsenal
James MartinArsenalBournemouth
James MartinArsenalBournemouth
James McLoughlinLeicester CityWolves
James SelbyArsenalBournemouth
James WatersLiverpoolMan City
Jamie DevaneyLiverpoolArsenal
Jamie LackenMan CityBurnley
Jamie McGoldrickMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Jamie McLoughlinArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Jarlath MulliganArsenalBournemouth
Jarlath WhelanLiverpoolMan City
Jim & Michelle MurrayTottenham HotspurMan City
Jim BrowneArsenalWolves
Jim GartlanLeicester CityWolves
Jim LynchArsenalBournemouth
Jimmy ColreavyArsenalBournemouth
Jimmy McMeelLiverpoolMan City
Joe BrennanArsenalBournemouth
Joe MolloyArsenalMan City
Joe ScanlonArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Joe ThomasArsenalBournemouth
Joh CawleyArsenalBournemouth
John ArmstrongLeicester CityMan City
John CliffordMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
John ConnollyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
John CookeMan CityArsenal
John DaveyLiverpoolMan City
John GilroyLiverpool
Tottenham Hotspur
John HarteLiverpoolWolves
John HealyArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
John HeraghtyArsenalMan City
John HowleyLeicester CityWolves
John KeeganArsenalBournemouth
John McPartlandArsenalBournemouth
John MonaghanArsenalBournemouth
John O’HaraLeicester CityArsenal
John WardLiverpoolArsenal
Johnny FeeneyLiverpoolMan City
Jon SelbyLeicester CityEverton
Joseph CoxArsenalBournemouth
Josh VerdonMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Karolina SramaMan CityArsenal
Katie CunninghamLeicester CityArsenal
Keelan WatersMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Keith HennessyLeicester CityMan City
Keith KerriganArsenalBournemouth
Keith McGinleyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Keith O’DwyerLiverpoolMan City
Kelley FeeneyTottenham HotspurArsenal
Ken FarrellMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Ken JohnstonLiverpoolArsenal
Kenneth ToherMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Kevin ColreavyArsenalMan City
Kevin GunningLeicester CityMan City
Kevin MannionLiverpoolMan City
Kevin McDonaghLiverpoolMan City
Kevin McTernanMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Kieran FitzgeraldArsenalBournemouth
Kieran RedmondArsenalBournemouth
Kyle Callan-McFaddenLiverpoolLeicester City
Laura KennedyLiverpoolArsenal
Lee HodsonLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Leroy LenehanLeicester CityMan City
Lewis MorrisonLiverpoolMan City
Liam BanniganTottenham HotspurArsenal
Liam GauleLeicester CityWolves
Liam KennedyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Liam RooneyLiverpool
Tottenham Hotspur
Liz GilliganArsenalMan City
Lorcan DolanArsenalBournemouth
Lotch LynchLeicester CityMan City
Luke ChapmanLiverpoolMan City
Mairead DoneganArsenalMan City
Malachy SprattLiverpoolMan City
Marc CreedArsenalBournemouth
Marc CreedArsenalBournemouth
Marc KennyArsenalMan City
Marcus LyonsArsenalMan City
Marian McDonaldArsenalMan City
Mark CrossanLeicester CityMan City
Mark CunninghamArsenalBournemouth
Mark FeeneyMan CityArsenal
Mark GunningLeicester CityMan City
Mark HeraghtyArsenalBournemouth
Mark QuinnMan CityBurnley
Mark QuinnArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Mark RuaneLiverpoolArsenal
Martin BrackenArsenalMan City
Martin FinneganArsenalBournemouth
Martin FoleyArsenalMan City
Martin KeaneyArsenalBournemouth
Martin LynchLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Martin O’DonnellTottenham HotspurMan City
Mary CarrollLiverpoolMan City
Mary KellyLeicester CityMan City
Mary MartinMan CityArsenal
Mary MartinMan CityArsenal
MattMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Maureen GilroyLiverpoolArsenal
Mel BourkeLeicester CityArsenal
Michael ‘Bus’ ConlonArsenalBournemouth
Michael ClancyLiverpoolArsenal
Michael ClancyMan CityWolves
Michael DoddyArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Michael FarrellArsenalMan City
Michael GillenArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Michael HealyArsenalBournemouth
Michael KeeganLeicester CityMan City
Michael KeenanArsenalBournemouth
Michael MartinMan CityArsenal
Michael MartinArsenalBournemouth
Michael McNultyLeicester CityArsenal
Michael MellyLeicester CityArsenal
Michael MulvaneyArsenalMan City
Michael RobinsonLeicester CityMan City
Michael ToolanMan CityMan City
Micheal MulhernMan CityMan City
Mícheál Ó CearúilMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Michele CarrollArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Michelle MurphyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Mick HarteBurnleyMan City
Micki MurrayTottenham HotspurArsenal
Mikey DrennanTottenham HotspurArsenal
Mitchell BeeneyLeicester CityWolves
Monty MonaghanLeicester CityMan City
MoonerLiverpoolMan City
Myles SweeneyArsenalBournemouth
Nathan ConboyArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Neil CumminsTottenham HotspurLeicester City
Neil O’ConnellArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Niall CanningArsenalBournemouth
Niall CunninghamBurnleyEverton
Niall CurneenArsenalMan City
Niall McLoughlinLeicester CityMan City
Niall McLoughlinArsenalWolves
Niall O’BrienArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Nicola HoeyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Nicola HoeyArsenalWolves
Nidge ColleryLiverpoolWolves
Nigel ColleryLeicester CityBournemouth
Noel DevaneyLeicester CityArsenal
Noel DunneLeicester CityMan City
Noel McCloatArsenalMan City
Noel McGowanArsenalBournemouth
Noel NearyArsenalBournemouth
Noel ScottArsenalMan City
Noel WardLeicester CityMan City
Nora CumminsLiverpool
Tottenham Hotspur
Oisin HaranLeicester CityMan City
Oisin KellyMan CityArsenal
Oli O’TooleLeicester CityArsenal
Paddy CumminsLiverpoolMan City
Paddy LeydonArsenalBournemouth
Paddy McGowanArsenalBournemouth
Padraig CunninghamLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Padraig CunninghamLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Padraig CunninghamLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Padraig CunninghamLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Padraig CunninghamLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Padraig KennaArsenalWolves
Padraig McGuinnLiverpoolArsenal
Paraic MeehanArsenalBournemouth
Pat Ann O’BrienArsenalBournemouth
Pat Ann O’BrienArsenalBournemouth
Pat Ann O’BrienArsenalBournemouth
Pat KellyLiverpoolMan City
Pat MayeArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Pat MurphyLiverpoolMan City
Pat WallaceArsenalMan City
Patrick ConwayLeicester CityMan City
Patrick GilmartinLiverpoolWolves
Patrick McCleanArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Paul CunninghamLiverpoolArsenal
Paul EganArsenalBournemouth
Paul GillenLeicester CityArsenal
Paul HeekinMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Paul JudgeLiverpoolWolves
Paul KellyArsenalMan City
Paul McManusLeicester CityMan City
Paul O’ReillyLeicester CityMan City
Paul SeversLeicester CityArsenal
Pearse BurkeLeicester CityEverton
Peter CarrArsenalBournemouth
Peter HouzeArsenalBournemouth
Peter LoughneyLiverpoolArsenal
Peter LowryLeicester CityMan City
Peter MartinArsenalBournemouth
Peter MartinArsenalBournemouth
Peter MartinArsenalBournemouth
Peter MartinArsenalBournemouth
Peter O’BrienMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Peter SmithArsenalBournemouth
Philip LynottLeicester CityMan City
Philip McLoughlinLiverpoolMan City
Philip ScanlonArsenalBournemouth
Rachel MurphyLeicester CityArsenal
Raff CretaroTottenham HotspurLeicester City
Ray O’GradyLeicester CityMan City
Regan DonelonLiverpoolEverton
Regina O’DeaArsenalBournemouth
Renee GerrerdArsenalMan City
Rían KerinsTottenham HotspurWolves
Rian O’ConnorLiverpoolMan City
Robert FitzpatrickMan CityArsenal
Robert PurcellTottenham HotspurArsenal
Robert SweeneyLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Ronan ConboyLiverpoolMan City
Ronan O’ReillyArsenalBournemouth
Rory CollinsArsenalMan City
Rory HowardLiverpoolArsenal
Rory O’ConnorLeicester CityMan City
Sam ChapmanLeicester CityBurnley
Sarah SherlockMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Seamus McManusArsenal
Tottenham Hotspur
Sean ClancyArsenalBournemouth
Sean CrossanLiverpoolMan City
Sean DaveyLiverpoolMan City
Sean DwyerLeicester CityArsenal
Sean HeraghtyMan City
Tottenham Hotspur
Sean MannionArsenalBournemouth
Sean MannionArsenalBournemouth
Sean McLoughlinTottenham HotspurMan City
Sean MellyLiverpoolMan City
Sean MurphyLiverpoolMan City
Sean RowletteArsenalBournemouth
Seanie McGuireLeicester CityMan City
Senan KerinsLeicester City
Tottenham Hotspur
Senan QuinnArsenalBournemouth
Shane CrossanLeicester CityMan City
Shane MayeTottenham HotspurMan City
Shane MurrayLeicester CityMan City
Shane WardMan CityArsenal
Shane WhiteLiverpoolMan City
Sharona O’TooleMan CityArsenal
Stephen BurnsArsenalBournemouth
Stephen CrossanLeicester CityWolves
Terry CoxLiverpoolMan City
Terry HayesLiverpoolMan City
Therese FoleyArsenalMan City
Thomas brehonyMan CityArsenal
Thomas DurkanArsenalMan City
Thomas KerinsArsenalMan City
Thomas McLoughlinMan CityArsenal
Thomas PowerArsenalBournemouth
Tom DoonerArsenalBournemouth
Tom MurrayArsenalBournemouth
Tom MurrayArsenalBournemouth
Tom RouseArsenalWolves
Tommy BruenArsenalBournemouth
Tommy ClarkeArsenalBournemouth
Tommy CumminArsenalBournemouth
Tommy HigginsLeicester CityWolves
Tommy KennedyArsenalBournemouth
Tony ConlonLiverpoolWolves
Tony FallonArsenalBournemouth
Tony McGeeArsenalArsenal
Tony StensonLiverpoolBurnley
Tremain MannionArsenalBournemouth
Trevor BrennanMan CityBurnley
Wayne HanneyLeicester CityMan City
William TarrantArsenalBournemouth
Willie JinksArsenalWolves

Eliminations: Week 2

These players have been eliminated this week after their selections failed to win their games this weekend. Thanks for the support and better luck next time around.

NameWeek 1Week 2
Colin BrackenLeicester City
Newcastle United
David RouseTottenham HotspurChelsea
David RouseLiverpool
Newcastle United
David RoweLeicester CityCardiff City
Debbie ChapmanArsenalMan Utd
Ed BrowneBurnleySouthampton
Jenny McLynnLeicester CitySouthampton
Liam KerriganMan CityMan Utd
Marc CliffordMan CityMan Utd
Noel WatersMan CityMan Utd
Sean DunneArsenalLiverpool
Senan SheehanArsenalLiverpool
Tommy ReillyArsenalMan Utd