Last Man Standing week 6 Selections

Manchester United are the most popular team selection this week with 9 of the remaining 14 players selecting them. They play Afc Bournemouth at home today at 3 pm

3 players have selected Chelsea to beat Watford. The remaining two teams have selected Leicester who are at home to Crystal Palace.

Name Week 6 selection
Evan DolanManchester United
Mark FeeneyManchester United
Therese FoleyManchester United
Sean MurphyManchester United
Frank McGeeChelsea
Sean Huntleicester
Eoin McHughManchester United
Gerry HigginsManchester United
Lewis BanksManchester United
Des KavanaghManchester United
Patricia Cryanleicester
Noel FarryChelsea
Martin BrackenManchester United
John LunnyChelsea