Club Lotto

The Sligo Rovers Lotto continues to be one of the key fundraisers for the club, as it contributes massively to the weekly running of the club as a whole.

In 2018, the Sligo Rovers Lotto has already paid out more than €25,000 in prizes, making it extremely attractive to play while also representing magnificent value at just €2 per ticket.

The draw takes place each week, with a minimum of €2,000 up for grabs per draw and a maximum of €20,000. There is also a runners up prize for one lucky supporter each week who matches three out of the four numbers drawn, being a Tesco voucher to the value of €200.

There are many different methods to play the popular lotto, being online, annually and weekly.

The annual lotto cards can be purchased from The Showgrounds while the weekly tickets can be purchased throughout the region in various outlets including the Tesco Arcade.