McGinty signs for 2020 season

Sligo Rovers goalkeeper Ed McGinty has signed a new contract with the club to run until the end of the 2020 season.

McGinty, who turned 20 earlier this month, has become Rovers’ number one goalkeeper.

The Motherwell-born goalkeeper began playing with Rovers Under-19 team in the 2016 season.

He previously spent three years with the Celtic youth academy in his early teens and another with Hibernian before accepting an invitation to link up with Rovers at youth level.

He made his senior debut in 2017 and started this season as number one but missed out then because of injury.

But he has now established himself as first choice with competition from fellow youngster Luke McNicholas. Ed has played 15 matches this season in the Premier Division.

Ed McGinty signs

Speaking today, he said: “It is great to be signed for next season, I’m delighted. I began this year with an open mind and I didn’t know whether I’d be first, second or third choice at the start of the year.

“I started the first game against Dundalk and I got injured a while later and missed a good few weeks. But I got back in and I don’t want to give it up.

“When you are a youth goalkeeper or number two, you are looking on hungry, determined to get in that place and that is what consumes all of your focus. That’s how I viewed it. So it’s different when you get in there and you’re the number one.  You have to keep it.

“I’m setting myself new goals, new targets and I’ll keep doing that because that’s what motivates me. It works for me.

“Luke is a cracking goalkeeper, I see that in training every day. There is only four months between us. We have an excellent relationship and we talk through everything we do, good or bad, and go through what we should do in any situation.

“He wants that place and we will drive each other on and there’s a good trust there.

“Leo Tierney, the goalkeeping coach, has shown me how key mindset is. He is a calm influence and we start each week with positivity. I work with him each day and he’s a very good and experienced coach. There has been ups and downs sometimes and Leo has helped me through that with his guidance.

Ed McGinty has signed for 2020

“Liam Buckley has been brilliant with me and I knew John Russell as a player, I think the set-up is very good. I feel myself progressing but you will see the best of me in times to come, that’s the way I feel.

“We wanted to get European qualification in the league and for as long as that is possible we will be keeping that as our target. We are looking at it still and going to Cork on Friday and getting that result.

“The Cup is still there but the gaffer has moved that aside, it’s not a factor until that next game comes around.

“What I do want, whichever ways it comes, is to be successful here. That is to get into the top four and win trophies. I’m very happy my future is here and I know what my goals are going forward.”

Liam Buckley said: “Ed has done extremely well, he has shown a fantastic level of maturity and produced some great performances for us.

“I’m delighted to have two outstanding young goalkeepers under contract now first and foremost, but for next season as well and as time goes on they will only get better and better.  

“As I said before, we are looking to build for next year and we are planning accordingly. But we have so much to play for in these next two months. The players know that and what we expect from them going forward.”