The White Hag partner with Sligo Rovers

The White Hag Brewery will be main sponsor of the Sligo Rovers Dublin Supporters Club race night as part of a partnership with the Bit O’ Red which was announced today.  

The White Hag is an award-winning craft brewery from Sligo. 

Based in Ballymote, The White Hag have grown considerably since launch five years ago and now employ 10 people in a rapidly expanding local business, exporting to eight markets from their South Sligo base. 

The White Hag bring other breweries from all over the world to Ireland for their annual beer festival, as well as representing the Irish beer culture across the globe, continually putting Sligo on the map. 

Today they have agreed a sponsorship with Rovers, starting with being the main sponsor of the Dublin Race Night which takes place in Toners this Thursday. 

Two more collaborations will be announced later in the year. 

Sligo Rovers chairman Martin Heraghty said: “It’s always pleasing to welcome another local company on board with the club. The White Hag are an expanding business in their field and are putting Sligo on the map in the craft industry as a result. We’re delighted with their support of Sligo Rovers and all of our sponsors because it helps run the club on a day to day basis.”

Dublin Supporters Club chairman Rory Houston said: “We’re thrilled to secure a main sponsor for the race night which we hope will be a great event for all Rovers fans in Dublin. 

“With The White Hag’s support, it’s another Sligo link for the fundraiser and their sponsorship has provided a financial lift in terms of what will be generated from the race night, all of which is going to Sligo Rovers.” 

Bob Coggins of The White Hag, said: 

“We’re very proud of our Sligo heritage and base, and we are delighted to be in a position to support the Bit O’ Red at home and away. We’ve grown up supporting the Rovers, and all of us have spent time away from Sligo so we know how important it is to create that sense of community that keeps just us in touch with our roots. That community is essential to the success of Sligo Rovers, and we’re proud to be a small part of it”

More information on the agreement will be announced shortly.