UBOR car sticker collection Saturday/Monday

Earlier this season, several hundred supporters contributed generously to a fund-raising initiative – the Up The Bit O’ Red campaign. The support provided a boost to the club’s finances and morale at a critical time.

The group behind the project promised to provide each contributor with a “I’m A Sligo Rovers Fan” car sticker as a small gesture of thanks and a memento of the campaign.

Contributors can collect their sticker before, during or immediately after the Sligo Rovers v Longford Town Cup match on Saturday night, August 11th at the Club Office/Portacabin from 7pm on. Or from the Portacabin from 2pm to 5pm on Monday, August 13th.

Further collection arrangements will be put in place for future home games. Alternatively, contact can be made with any member of the Up The Bit O’Red group listed below and delivery of a sticker will be arranged.

7 Knappagh Rd.200
Accrington Alumni135
Acushla Ltd100
Allsopp, Rodney160
Anonymous (Class of ’72)500
Anonymous (Perth)1000
Armstrong, John & Kevin100
Ashe, Norman200
Banks, Allen100
Basquille, Tom100
Bistro Bianconi, Quiz Night454
Bit O Forum100
Boland, Leo (Class of ’72)100
Branley, Geraldine50
Brennan, John200
Brennan, Trevor50
Breslin, Seamus100
Bukowski, Bartosz50
Burke, Paul & Mary100
Burns, Joe100
Byrne, Brendan & Betty – In Memory of200
Byrne, Majella200
Callaghan, M200
Callan, Chris10
Carr, Frank50
Carty Contractors100
Carty, Thomas250
Cashel, Bill10
Casey, Michael20
Cawley, Aaron50
Cawley, Mark20
Cayer, Mark5
Centra Supermarket – Cairns250
Chapman, Allan150
Chapman, Barry100
Chapman, Louis100
Chatterton, D300
Clancy, Michael200
Clancy, Thomas50
Class of ’7250
Coleman, J (JB)100
Collery, Oliver (Class of ’72)100
Colreavy, Brian50
Colreavy, Kevin100
Computer Validation Sytems50
Conboy, Ronan200
Conneely, Seamus20
Connolly, John100
Corrigan, David100
Craig, David10
Crowne, Colette250
Cullen, Eileen100
Cullinane, Connor20
Cummins, Mark100
Cunningham, Ailbhe (Australia Bit of Red)200
Cunningham, Padraig200
Davey, David100
Davey, Nicky100
Davey, Paul50
Delorey, John (Class of ’72)100
Delorey, Michael100
Desmond, Margaret15
Devanney, Paddy100
Devine, Michael Monsignor (Florida)-Class of ’721000
Dodd, Andy1000
Doherty, Joe100
Doherty, Johanna50
Dolan, Pat100
Donegan, Mairead20
Dunne, Gabriel100
Dunphy, Ursula20
Eames, Adrian100
Eames, Fiona100
Egan, Donal100
Fallon, Aidan50
Fallon, Dominic (Daswy) – In memory of100
Farry, Noel100
Feeney, Mark6
Fitzpatrick, Robert100
Foley’s Bar, Castle St, Martin & Theresa500
Foley, Gerry200
Forde, Gerard100
Fox, Alan50
Gallagher, Loan100
Gallagher, Ray100
Gannon, Frank (Brisbane)€1,500
Gannon, Michael€100
Gaynor, Donard781.36
Gilgan, Thomas15
Gilhawley, Anthony (Class of ’72)250.72
Gilhawley, Vincent (Class of ’72)250
Gillen, Michael100
Gilmartin, Jim100
Gilmartin, Joe100
Gilmartin, Paddy100
Gordon, Ronnie6
Gorman, Joe250
Gorman, Moya250
Gorman, Tommie250
Gray, David50
Gray, Leo50
Greene, Michael100
Grimes, Pat100
Gunning, Patrick50
Hackett, Edel100
Hamilton, Paul100
Hanly, Hugh200
Hanney, Leon & Luke100
Hanney, Noel100
Hanney, P&M100
Hannon, Niall35
Hargadon, Gerard200
Harte, Gary50
Harte, Vincent (Class of ’72)100
Harte, Vincent100
Henry, Joseph250
Herraghty, Martin250
Herraghty, Mary250
Horan, Tommy100
Houson, Rory100
Houze, Paddy100
Howard, Rory100
Howley, John100
Hyland, Colm & Daniel200
Jennings, Austin100
Jinks, Alan100
Kelly , Dermot Dr200
Kelly, Eamon20
Kelly, Eamon50
Kelly, Mary100
Kelly, Michael110
Kelly MS150
Kelly, Trevor100
Kenny, Johnny50
Kerins, Family (New York)500
Kiernan, Brian (Trinity Bar)100
Kilcullen, Gary100
Kilfeather, Andy -(Class of ’72)200
Kilfeather, Anthony100
Kilfeather, Thomas20
Kilgannon, Paul100
Kivlehan, David50
Lacken, Brendan100
Lacken, Cian10
Lavin, Brendan30
Lavin, Eamonn100
Lavin, John & Pamela100
Leyden, Michael J – Rednecks Part 2100
Lingard, Matthew50
Lineout, M100
Lipsett, Liam (class of ’72)100
Loftus, Declan40
Lydon Kevin100
Lynch, Daniel F., Attorney40
Lynch, Jack100
Lynch, Packie100
Martyn, Eugene (Class of ’72)100
Maughan, Kevin100
Maxwell, Robert50
Maye, Alan50
Maye, Ciara50
Maye, Seamus100
McDermott, Roger200
McDonagh, Michael100
McDonald, Michael Elvis20
McGarraghy, Declan100
McGloin, Conal (Class of ’72)100
McGowan, C100
McGowan, Kieran100
McGowan, Padraic100
McGowan, Tommy100
McGuinness, Damien30
McGuire, Manus100
McIntyre Brendan50
McKeon, Padraig150
McKieran, David200
McKiney, Conor100
McLoughlin, Tony T.D.100
McMorrow, Brian200
McNiff, Kirsty100
McNulty, Pat75
McTiernan, Martin50
Meehan, John100
Molloy, Joe100
Moloney, Sean  (Class of ’72)1500
Monaghan, John50
Mooney, Margaret60
Morahan, Brian100
Mullen, David & Ramona200
Mullen, Tony100
Mulligan, Jarlath100
Mulligan, Michael50
Mulvihill, Brian100
Murphy, Philip Dr100
Murphy, Roddy200
Murphy, Sean110
Murtagh, John180
Nally, Vincent100
Nealon, John40
Nicholson, Gerry300
Nicholson, Sean50
O’Connor Killian250
O’Connell Michael – In Memory of (Class of ’72)100
O’Connell Seamus100
O’Connor Rory250
O’Connor Sally250
O’Donnell, John10
O’Gara John (Class of ’72)100
O’Grady, Jerry250
O’Grady, John Dr (Class of ’72)438.96
O’Hara, Mike50
O’Malley, Pat100
Parke, Ivor100
Quinn, Anthony200
Quinn, Tony500
Rafter, Barry100
Rainey, John100
Rednecks Part 11000
Rednecks Part 21500
Reidy, John50
Roche, Ceara250
Roche, Mary250
Rourke, Synthia100
Rowe, Andrew100
Rowe, David200
Rowe, Sandra200
Rutherford, Chris100
Ryan, Ciaran100
Rynn, Ruairi150
Scanlon, Brian100
Scanlon, David40
Scanlon, Stephen60
Scott, Noel100
Sherlock, Damien10
Shorthall, Ray100
Shovlin, Ian100
Sligo Rovers Heritage Group2500
Sligo Rovers Sydney Supporters404.74
Smith, David5
Sweeney, Anthony125
Sweeney, Derek20
Tansey, Deborah50
Tiernan, Bernie20
Tierney, Leo50
Tinsley, Aidan50
Tolan Brendan,  – Rednecks Part 2200
Travers, Michael100
Wasik, Karol10