WatchLOI: Answering questions on LOI streaming

Below are some questions that we believe fans will ask following the release of the platform;

Do Sligo Rovers profit from this?

Yes, the club receives a share of the revenue split between all league clubs

Do I get a free pass if I’m a season ticket holder?

Yes, all Sligo Rovers season ticket holders must apply through here between now and Thursday 30 July.

How much is the FAI making from this?

€0, the FAI is covering all production costs and all revenue from the platform will be split between the clubs.

I only want to watch Sligo Rovers; can I just buy a club pass?

No, currently you can purchase a season pass which will give you access to all league matches shown on the platform or you can purchase access on a match-by-match basis for just €5.

Will every league match be shown on the platform?

On the Island of Ireland, all matches apart from those shown live on Eir Sport are available via the platform. Outside the Island of Ireland, every match is available.

If I’m a non season ticket holder, what do I do?

Buy a season pass or a per game at €5 on

Will the matches that are shown live on EirSport be available to watch in Northern Ireland?

Yes, you will be able to watch them via EirSport. They will not be available on WATCHLOI.

Is the current league fixture list correct?

No, the time and day of matches will be reviewed constantly to best suit streaming, live TV and the clubs. Fixtures have been set for the first few weeks and the following weeks will be reviewed in due course.

I am not based on the Island of Ireland, do I still pay €55?

No, you will pay €69 or $79USD as you will have access to more matches than those in Ireland.

How many cameras will be at each game?

Unless the match is also being broadcast on TV, there will most likely be one camera at each match, but some games will have a two-camera setup.

Who are the commentators?

The commentators are being provided by RTÉ and most will be easily recognizable to league fans.

Will matches be available for catchup on the platform?

Yes all matches will be available until after the end of the season.

Can I access my account from any device?


Can I watch on mobile?


If I live in Ireland and I travel abroad, can I still access my account?

Yes, you will have access for what you signed up for